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Funky Fest 2021!

First of all, huge thanks to First Hit and Habatat for jamming with us at Brandy's as well as all the great people that attended on 4/24. That was a great first show back in our hometown and we couldn't have asked for a better response! Also, we have to give some props to Stephen Shraine from Soulios, Stacked Like Pancakes and Lotus Kid for filling in on bass with us!

Moving forward we are very excited for June 4th & 5th as we will be heading down to the Glades Festival Grounds in Gibbon Glade, PA to jam with our HABATAT fam at this years Funky Fest! Tickets are available for $50 until tomorrow 4/30! This fest starts while we will be at the Crafthouse but rest assured we will be there all day Saturday along with a stacked line up of incredible local talent. Stoked to share the stage with so many great acts in just a couple days.

Originally scheduled for June 4th - now November 9th, we'll be hitting the Crafthouse to kick off the night for the Slackers and our friends INCO FIdO! Tickets are available for $20/each. If you haven't been to the Crafthouse this is definitely worth checking out. Great venue with good food and a great sound system. Not only that but the legendary Slackers will be throwing down this tour after a year of postponements and our high energy rocking homies in INCO FIdO will be ready to bring the thunder!

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