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The saddest day as a band

Oct 2nd, 2022.. We lost one of the most important people to us. After the past year of fighting cancer, Jake has passed on. We chose to say on because away is something that will never happen. The music will always live on, the memories will always live on, the work that he’s done...writing, recording, booking, managing merch, accounting, finding new opportunities, rounding up a bunch reggae rockin’ ska punk cowboys, balancing a business and family life…slowing down was never even a thought for him. It's what he loved to do. His work ethic and ability to build up others is an example we’ll never forget or take for granted. To anyone who has supported the Go Fund Me or Meal Train pages, thank you so much. Links below. It’s one of the best ways you can help his family right now. We appreciate everyone who has reached out or who has shared anything as well, thank you. Also to anyone who has ordered merch from this website, we are catching up on it, promise. Thank you for understanding. Rest easy to our brother. His memorial service will be this Saturday-Oct 22nd, 2022.

Also please join us 10/29 for a benefit event at Brandy’s for Jake’s family hosted by our own Sam Wtorkowski

After taking a moment to breathe and get things figured out, we decided this will be the first step back playing as Fubar. We will be performing live as well as our friends Josh from Joint Op, Benny from The Quasi Kings, and Just Those Guys. There will be face painting, art vendors, raffle baskets, crafts, and more as well.

Thank you so much for your continued support during this time and we hope to see you all there!


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