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Let me rephrase, it's been out, BUT still wanted to give the catalog of data some updated information. It's a song that was written back in 2013 but has finally been recorded with that musical flavor you've grown to love from us. Straight out the studio mind of our very own Sam Wtorkowski. Featuring art from Jake Bertrand which stemmed from a brief conversation at Reggae Rise Up Maryland 2023. The logo, which we also decided to use for our new branding, switched it up from the original "punk kid" logo, which evolved into the "stars & bars", which evolved into "the splatter"...we now introduce what will be known as "the drip"....or..."mean green"...idk we're working on a name still...all the same, it's our new logo for 2024 and we're about it:

* Any old logo is now considered vintage and can be sold on eBay for $60+ at least.

Thank you for your support as always. we have some new music in the pipe line, some collaborations in the works and we're really pumped for 2024 🤘


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