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Millvale Music Fest & Beyond!

The month of June was a blast and we started and finished July with a big bang at Vinoski Winery. Huge thanks to everyone who made it out for that 3 hour set. You guys kept it loud and kept us moving all night! We are just so glad to be bringing our music back to stages with people dancing, singing and standing close to each other again. It's a great thing and we are so happy to see it happening!

The winery show on Friday was the last full band show for about a month. We'll be spending the rest of July working on our record and taking some r & r time before we hit the road next month!

You can catch Jake and Sam acoustic duo style at Rock Falls Park Mid-Summer Music Festival on Friday 7/30 from 7 to 8 but you can't see the full band again until August! On Friday 8/7 we will make our first Millvale Music Fest appearance at Mr. Smalls Threater - Stage A at 5:30 PM, right after Soulios and Plasmid and right before Rock Dennis Face and INCO FIdO! The entire festival line up is stacked but this particular stage is really bringing some serious entertainment across both stages all day long. Hosted by Some Die Nameless, this is going to be one for books!

Click the flyer for event details!

Don't miss this next opportunity to catch us in the greater Pittsburgh area as we won't be playing locally again until 9/17 when we join Ballyhoo! and Tunnel vision at Jergels in Warrendale, PA! We will have tickets for this show soon and we will be hustling hard to get all of you and everyone one of our friends, family members and fans through the door!

If you're in Cleveland or Buffalo make sure you put us in your calendar! We would love to see some familiar faces as we travel out of town!


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