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Funky Fest v1.9 - a family campout

In just a few short weeks we will make our first appearance at Funky Fest! An art and music festival hosted by our friends in HABATAT and Lazy Ass Productions. We are very excited to head out to the Glades to camp and play some music at the 2nd year festival. Funky Fest will take place at the Glades Festival Grounds in Gibbon Glade, PA over Memorial Day weekend, May 24 through 26th! The line up is so stacked that it makes the ticket price seem dirt cheap! Check out the flyer below!

So not only are there over 15 bands over 3 days but there will be live painting, nightly fire shows, food trucks, arts & crafts, vendors, drum circles, open jam sessions and more! I highly recommend taking a few days to come unwind and get funky with us. Last month, the Glades shared this great aerial photo of their grounds! Plenty of space for jamming and camping and a beautiful location for a music festival!

If we have caught your interest in Funky Fest please let us know! We have discounted weekend passes available for $40 flat while they are currently for sale for $50 + fees and will go up to $60 as we near the event! Send us a message on FB, an email using the contact form, give us a call or reach out however you can. We will be happy to meet up or deliver your tickets personally!

Remember the festival is only a couple weeks away and we are trying our best to get our fans to come attend this sweet, psychedelic, rocking, funky party in the woods! Mark your calendars, buy your tickets and share the flyer and event all you can to help us contribute to the awesomeness that is Funky Fest!

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