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Mr. Smalls Funhouse! 3/29

We had a great time at Marlene's Corner Bar on Saturday jamming with the dudes in First Hit and Private I! Great line up of rock, reggae, punk and ska music with each band having their own unique spin... Always a great time out there! Big thanks to the crew from Uglies Nation, the Bumpin' Uglies group (reggae/ska band from Annapolis, MD), for showing up in force to support some like-minded local musicians!

In just a few weeks we will be headed down to Millvale, PA to put on a show with our friends in Keystone Vibe and HABATAT at the Funhouse! If you haven't attended a show at Mr. Small's Funhouse your in for a treat. It's not the main church but up the stairs to the fun house. It's a slightly smaller but still very accommodating venue. We played there last year for the first time opening up for 40 Oz. to Freedom (Sublime tribute band from San Diego, CA). It's a an amazing place to catch a show and an awesome atmosphere for live music.

That being said we are doing everything we can to try to pack this venue! We are relying on you, our fans, friends and family to come out and support us for this gig. You can purchase tickets in many places, the best of which is through any member of any of the bands on the bill; Keystone Vibe, HABATAT and FUBAR. We will be selling tickets directly for $10 cash, venmo, paypal or whatever you want! You can also buy them online or at the Mr. Small's box office!

We are really looking forward to this show! It's basically a repeat of our CD release party for 'The Hunt for Inspiration' only at an even better venue and with Keystone Vibe headlining and promoting their new album 'LandLocked'! Hit us up for tickets we will be more than happy to deliver them, mail them or leave them at the door for you under your name!

Be sure to RSVP on the facebook even, Keystone Vibe w/ FUBAR & HABATAT at the Funhouse

Again, we can't stress enough that we are really trying to pack the house and would love to see you all at this show! We promise that it will be a banger of a party and one for the books!

In the meantime, I'll be headed downtown to see the Winter Blackout tour with Keystone Vibe, Kashed Out, Ballyhoo! and the Expendables this Friday (3/8) at the Rex before heading down to the sunshine state for Reggae Rise Up in St. Petersburg! If you see me out and about at the Rex stop me and I'll hook you up with some free FUBAR stickers! If I don't see you at the Rex on Friday, I'll see you at the Funhouse on 3/29! Hit us up for tickets!

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