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Return to YaJagoff Podcast!

This post is a bit delayed, as are most things FUBAR but we were recently welcomed back on the YaJagoff podcast! I know, we were surprised too! The show was recorded on Saturday (Groundhog Day), released on Tuesday and now promoted by us on Thursday, we realize we are behind on the digital age... They even had us on location in downtown Pittsburgh at the swanky Pennsylvanian Apartments. Not only that but they had us play an acoustic song right there in the lobby! (Podcast link at bottom)

It was great to be back on with John and Rachael, these guys always get us out of our shell a bit. We played our song, talked on some random points and mentioned our upcoming gigs at Woofstock 2019 on 2/23 at Larimer VFD, Marlene's Corner Bar on 3/2, Mr. Small's Funhouse on 3/29 and Cafe Supreme on 4/20. We proceeded to plug the album a little bit. You can't blame us, we worked hard on it! Dave even mentioned how he started singing back in catholic grade school as the donkey in a play!

We also spent a bunch of time admiring the architecture and checking the place out. It's really rather amazing although I'm relatively certain none of us could afford to live there!

Check out the podcast over at the YaJagoff website and anywhere you listen to podcasts!

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