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Manor Legion Show 9/1!

This coming Saturday 9/1, we are on an awesome local show with a stacked line up! Rainford Lane Productions put together local showcase at the American Legion in Manor, PA featuring a brilliant mix of local bands. There will surely be a little something for everyone with sounds ranging from punk and ska to indie and alternative to funk and reggae.

We have all 4 local bands from this area of southwestern PA including; First Hit from Connellsville, PA, Kaelber from Greensburg, PA, Highway Louie from Jeannette, PA and of course, your dudes in FUBAR from Irwin, PA! With this group of great bands we're hoping to bring a crowd on this Labor Day weekend party!

We're really looking forward to this show! Awesome local line up, good location; same place we had our 5 Years of FUBAR show as well as our 'All Day!' CD release party, now over 7 years and 100 shows down, preparing for the release of our new album 'Hunt for Inspiration' we plan to have a epic time at legion on Saturday! Not only that but we will be making a special announcement during our set! We hope that you and all your friends can be there to hang out and check out all the bands! It's $5 and doors open at 7pm! Stay FUBAR and see. you Saturday!

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