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State of Mind - The Test Drive!

We are so thrilled to have finally released our new full length album 'State of Mind'! Not only that but we are beyond excited to be receiving such great feedback from all our old friends and fans and even some new ones as well. Speaking of, our friends over at Jammerzine were nice enough to provide a full album review and Q & A article. We highly recommend giving it a brief read and a share for good measure! < Click the image for the link! >

Not only that but we are back at it this week! We hit up Millvale Music Fest this Friday, May 20th at Strange Roots Experimental Ales right in Millvale. Our stage is stacked with reggae including 4 Yaardi, Truth & Rites, Keystone Vibe and us closing out the night from 9 till 10PM! Hope to see you there!

In addition, we're heading to Ocean City the over Memorial Day weekend and won't be seen again locally until June 4th at Funky Fest at the Glade's Festival Grounds and again on June 17th at Vinoski Winery with SunDub opening and live painting by Brandi Bee! That's all just weeks before we head to Bedford, PA on June 25th for none other than Weekend at Wolfies' Music Festival!

Keep streaming, keep supporting, hope to see you on the rail or out front dancing! Thank you all in advance!


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