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Rescheduled Joint Operation!

Huge thanks to everyone that took the time to tune in or even re-watch our live stream! You guys got it to nearly 500 views in 48 hours! If you haven't yet make sure you check it out HERE! Also, be sure to support our awesome crew in Soundbar Productions, Monark Sound and Written Hour Productions!

Now that that's out of the way we can resume promo for the rescheduled live gig next month with Joint Operation! These dudes are still riding the wave of their single 'Overlooked' and preparing to release their new album 'The Thrill of Stress' on 2/19 so we are looking forward to hooking up with them here in Pittsburgh for the show on Thursday 2/25 at the Crafthouse Stage and Grill. We have tickets for $12/each so get them before they are gone. Come get some live music and good food! We hope to see you all there.

Don't forget that we announced the eventual release our own upcoming full length album 'State of Mind' as well as our first ever pin drop coming at you on Monday 2/1!

Please note: Due to COVID guidelines this show will be limited capacity, seated/socially distanced and masks will be required when not seated at your table.

Message from the venue: Please be advised that for all upcoming shows, until further notice, all customers must be seated per CDC and state guidelines. While seating is mostly on a first come, first served basis, in an effort to help with traffic flow and avoid seating issues with parties, we are encouraging parties to please contact the Crafthouse in advance to make advance reservations. This will help the venue greatly in what is surely a hectic time for venues / restaurants with social distancing.

Crafthouse Stage & Grill are following all guidelines from the state and all guests must be in a seat at this event. Please call 412-653-2695 ext 225 to reserve your seats for the show! Call as soon as you purchase as tables are reserved in the order guests call!


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