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Crazy Month!

Guys it has been a wild last month or so! From rescheduling our first hometown indoor show in over a year (twice) to traveling out of state to play sold out (seated/masked/socially distanced) shows in Baltimore, MD with the Harbor Boys and Atlantic City, NJ with Ill Rendition. Huge thanks to those guys for bringing us into their respective towns! We received friendly welcomes and great feedback from everyone! If you haven't checked out their music yet make sure you do that!

We are excited to keep things moving by finally hitting a hometown stage for a live show (seated/masked/socially distanced) with our friends in Joint Operation, who are still fresh off their new record, "The Thrill of Stress". Make sure you check it out!

This show hits the Crafthouse Stage and Grill in Pittsburgh, PA on Thursday April 1st at 6:30pm! We still have physical tickets for sale for $12 with no fees! If you need one please reach out directly and we'll get you hooked up! This show had two prior dates, if you have tickets to those they are still good for this date. We're crossing our fingers that the 3rd times a charm as it's time to play some live music in Pittsburgh!


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