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Since the horns joined up with us last year we have been putting a ton of time and effort into practicing and improving our live shows as well as marketing the band but we have also been working on a new EP! We are so excited to announce that our EP is finally complete and we will be releasing it on all major platforms on Friday 4/17/20! Please presave on Spotify and post your screenshot in the comments of the announcement in the FUBAR crew to be entered in an exclusive giveaway!

In addition to the presave campaign and digital release we have an epic hometown EP release party planned! We really hope all our local friends, family and fans can join us down at Brandy's Basement, downstairs at Brandy's on Main on Saturday 4/18/20! Hopefully you will see our ad on the big sign at Brandy's while driving through downtown Irwin!

Also even sooner yet, we have a show at a unique location coming up in Axes and Acoustics at Ace Axe Throwing in Homestead, PA on 3/27! Make sure you come check that out as well. See you all soon, thanks so much for all your support!

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