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Help Make FUBAR Mobile Again!

Hey there guys! As you may know we got our bus a few months ago and have been using it for all our shows. It's been a great asset so far and we have yet to take it on long journey. That being said, we have a few minor issues that we went to get looked at that revealed a couple major issues. This is resulting in us facing a huge bill to get the bus out of the shop and stay on safe on the road. With a bunch of great shows, local and beyond on the horizon and in the pipeline, we are asking for your help to get us back on the bus!

We have a new design and decided to help with the funding we can offer some sweet hoodies available for pre-order! Please check out the the order form if your interested...

We can accept pre-payment by cash, venmo, zelle, paypal or carrier pigeon! We will close out pre-orders on Saturday 2/24 and begin production of the full order. Please note all orders will need to be paid before 2/24. After that, we'll have completed hoodies in about 2 weeks. If you're local we will be happy to deliver or meet up with your hoody or even hold it for you to pick up at a show. If you're too far from the burgh for that we can ship your order, just send an additional $10 and your address and we'll hook it up!

If you dig the design and want to support us please make an order. We would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you all so much in advance!

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