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PA Rock Show - Episode 458

Hey guys! We did a thing! The other night we got some time to catch up with Bill Domiano on Episode 458 of the PA Rock Show!

The PA Rock show is an awesome podcast run by Bill Domiano of Build the Scene, a super cool dude that has dedicated nearly 15 years to interview and promoting tons of local music through various avenues. Interviewing with Bill was definitely a fun and it was neat to be able to have the whole band in on it. Between his questions and our antics we were cracking up most of the segment. The interview even spawned the image below due to our responses when prompted with the question 'If there was a movie made about FUBAR, who would play each of you?'...

FUBAR: “The Hunt for Inspiration” feature length film starring Jonah Hill as Dave, Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Jake, Joaquin Pheonix as Matt and Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) as Jordan!

Take a few minutes to check out the interview with all 4 members of the band and have a few laughs at or with us! As always thanks for your support!

Interview embedded below and available at PA Rock Show!

P.S. We hope to see all your smiling faces at our upcoming shows!

4/19 - Funky Fest Pre-Party at Club Cafe - Pittsburgh, PA

4/20 - 420 Bash at Cafe Supreme - Irwin, PA

4/27 - Rage at the Royal at Royal Place - Pittsburgh, PA

5/24-27 - Funky Fest, a family campout at the Glades - Gibbon Glade, PA

6/20 - Thunder in the Valley at PNG Park - Johnstown, PA


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