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Sub Alpine Show Saturday!

We have a show coming up this weekend! We will be playing at a newer venue we have never played before called the Sub Alpine Society in Turtle Creek, PA! We will be joined by our friends in Burned, who will be kicking off the show and Redson, who will be closing out the night!

The show will be all ages and bar with ID so feel free to bring your under 21 friends who never get to come to our 21+ bar shows! It would be great to see some familiar faces at this show along with some new ones. We always like to make a good impression at a new place and bring some heads so if you can make it out to Turtle Creek this coming Saturday, January 26th, we would greatly appreciate it!

Facebook Event link:

Don't forget that we will have our CD and our usual merch for sale in addition to a couple of new unique items! Make sure you grab a copy of 'The Hunt for Inspiration' along with your FUBAR fingerboard and FUBAR keychain!

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