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Show @ Cafe Down Under!

We have an absolutely stacked show tomorrow at Cafe Down Under in Irwin! We have brought in some local bands we haven't played with before to make it an awesome night of live music. Check out the flyer below...

First up, we will have brand new local rock/pop punk band Playgrounds playing their first show by kicking off the night! They will have a brand new EP available as well. Next, we will have our old friends in Üge hitting the stage with some new material as well as the old stuff you already know! Next up, we will have the dudes of Redson up to rock out and bring the noise. These guys have been playing lots of shows and making waves around the greater Pittsburgh area and we are glad to have them on the show! Last but not least will be, yours truly, FUBAR bringing a quality set to cap off the night!

This is another one you won't want to miss. Come early and grab a beer and some pizza before the show! We will have merch on hand for sale although no CD yet! We have some very exciting last minute additions to the album that is going to make it even better than expected! Don't worry it will be out soon and we are really looking forward to sharing it with you!

See you all tomorrow and stay FUBAR my friends!

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