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FUBAR Fun at the Funhouse!

We have to give it up to our people as well as all those 40 Oz To Freedom fans that watched out set! We thoroughly enjoyed our first show at Mr. Small's Funhouse!

Showed up early, loaded in and sound checked and we found a great pool table in the artist area and decided to play a quick doubles game. For you pool sharks out there, it was an Olhausen Drop Pocket table so we were pleasantly surprised!

Started up our set around 9pm and received a warm welcome while we jammed through 40 minutes of our finest material. The turnout made our set even more fun regardless of a couple broken strings and a minor amp malfunction. We played through and kept it going till 40 Oz came on! Here's a few pics from the night!

Cassie also nabbed this great shot of Dave and Matt rocking out that I thought was pretty sweet!

All in all it was a good night. We we're treated great by the staff of the Funhouse and the crowd really got down to our music. So great show, great crowd, great venue! Huge thanks to all that made it out on a work night! See you next time!

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