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Schools in Session

Thanks to all our friends and fans that showed up to the gig with August Ruins and Rewired Messiah at Cafe Down Under on Friday! We had a killer turnout at our last show before the break with over 120 people coming out!

Saturday we made it to the studio to get started on our upcoming full length record "Hunt for Inspiration" at Dan Blakes school house studio!

The school was built in 1889 and has been rehabbed by Dan and his family. The place is just amazing...

Once we settled down, finished meeting and discussing the album with Dan, we started working and ended up spending 2 full days tracking, editing and playing back drums and bass!

We are super excited to finish this record! We couldn't be happier with the school house studio as well as the producer himself, Dan Blake. Very smart and talented guy with tons of real experience! Glad to be working with someone who's over qualified and to have finally started the process after 3 years of writing, playing and waiting!

Keep following our updates for current information on how the album is coming along as well as exclusive photos like this from the studio!

Thanks for reading and stay FUBAR my friends!

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