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FUBAR with August Ruins at Cafe Down Under

Hello there friends and fans,

So I know we said that the Mr. Mike's show was going to be the last one for a while but we have decided to take on one more show before we break to record our upcoming album "Hunt for Inspiration"... On Friday, 9/22 we will be sharing the stage with August Ruins in their first show in 2 years as well as our friends in Rewired Messiah. Doors at Cafe Down Under will open at 7pm and you will get to see all 3 bands for just $5!

This is a show you will not want to miss. Our last show for some months while we record the new record and the first August Ruins show in forever. It's bound to be a blowout and we're hoping to pack the place! Show up early and grab some pizza and a beer. We will be ready to bring the live, local music one more time!

Really hope to see you all at this gig!

As always, feel free to print, share, text ,screenshot and get this flyer out to as many people as possible!

Thank you all for your support and stay FUBAR my friends!

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