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Back at Mr. Mikes!

So we will be back it this Saturday at Mr. Mike's Pub and Pizza on Route 30 in Irwin. We played Mr. Mike's at the beginning of last month and they were gracious enough to have us back for another date! This time we will have our friend from Connellsville based bands First Hit and Not Quite Sure, Jarrod Roe, kicking off the night with an acoustic performance! Make sure you get there early and grab a drink and a pizza!

This is our last currently scheduled show before we break for recording. We are working on one more with a newly reformed local band and will post about it if it comes together. We need to sell some merch so please grab a t-shirt or a tank top as well as a drawstring bag and a pin if you haven't yet. As always stickers are free so grab a few and don't forget to spread the word!

See you at Mr. Mike's!

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