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Thunder in the Valley - Post

We had an absolute blast playing at this years Thunder in the Valley Motorcycle Rally!

We made it up to Greenhouse Park and setup camp early on Thursday before making our way into downtown Johnstown. We knew food and beer would be in order before we unload the van and get the gear on stage. Although we had a little rain around 6pm, it cleared up and held off for us to make it all the way through our 2 hour set from 7pm till 9pm...

In our 2 hours on stage we played 25 songs consisting most of originals and a few select covers. I would say we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and even received some great reviews and sold a few CD's...

Although Friday was a complete washout we had an epic weekend of playing, partying, riding and camping. Hope we get the chance to do it again!

Huge thanks to Jayne Korenoski with the City of Johnstown for giving us the opportunity to play this year!

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