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Great Show at Cafe Downunder!

Saturday's show at Cafe Downunder went rather well! Despite the high temperatures the turnout was pretty decent. Guess the locals needed an ice cold beer and some loud rock n' roll in an air conditioned enviroment to escape the heat!

Rewired Messiah went on first around 9pm and crushed it as usual. These guys get more and more refined with each show they play. Definitely looking forward to the next one with Johnny, Chad, Chris and Mike...

Rewired Messiah

FUBAR went on around 10 or so and we played two 40 minute long sets. Good practice for our upcoming 2 hour set at Thunder in the Valley at the Johnstown Train Station on Thursday June 22nd! If anyone knows any Johnstown bars that need music for Friday June 23rd or Saturday June 24th let us know as we are looking to fill the weekend if possible!

Thanks to everyone that made it! If you didn't make sure you make one of the upcoming gigs and grab some merch before it's all gone!

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