FUBAR Fun at the Funhouse!

We have to give it up to our people as well as all those 40 Oz To Freedom fans that watched out set! We thoroughly enjoyed our first show at Mr. Small's Funhouse! Showed up early, loaded in and sound checked and we found a great pool table in the artist area and decided to play a quick doubles game. For you pool sharks out there, it was an Olhausen Drop Pocket table so we were pleasantly surprised! Started up our set around 9pm and received a warm welcome while we jammed through 40 minutes of our finest material. The turnout made our set even more fun regardless of a couple broken strings and a minor amp malfunction. We played through and kept it going till 40 Oz came on! Here's a few pics f

Great Gig at Gooski’s

Last night was pretty cool. Not quite a packed house at Gooski’s but we played to a crowd that never heard our music before which is always great. Hopefully we converted a few people over to the FUBAR crew! We played about 45 minutes and loaded out. While we were loading out a couple transformers blew and all of Polish Hill was without power. (Blackout photo below from Dave.) Big thanks to Gun Metal Gray and Winter’s Descent Descent for having us on! Looking forward to tonight’s show at Mr. Small’s Funhouse in Millvale supporting 40 Oz To Freedom, Sublime Tribute Band from San Diego, CA. Don’t forget to hit us up if you need tickets! They are free and the doors open at 8pm! Really hope to se

FUBAR with 40 Oz To Freedom LIVE at Mr. Small's Funhouse

We got some great last minute news that we will be opening up for our west coast friends in 40 Oz. To Freedom, the premier Sublime Tribute Band! We will be kicking off the funky reggae party this Sunday 1/29 at Mr. Smalls Funhouse! Door's open at 8pm and tickets can be found MrSmallsPresents.com or in the event link below the flyer! I don't know about you but we love Sublime and these guys know how to play Sublime at it's finest! This is going to be a great show that you don't want to miss! Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1963058900617195/ We know it's a work night but we really hope to see some familiar faces down at the Funhouse at Mr. Small's. Let's give 40 Oz a warm welcome t

Show Time! Back to Gooski's

Hey there guys! We have decided to accept a show opportunity opening for touring band called Gun Metal Gray at Gooski's on Saturday January 27th! We will be supporting GMG along with Winter's Ascent! This will be our first show in since September and our first show in the city in quite some time! Hope that the FUBAR crew can make it out to help support! In other news we are still working on mixing and editing the album. We hope to have an update for you all soon! Same with your hoodies, they are in production so Jake will be contacting you all for delivery and payment once they are complete... That being said, we will be looking to start booking some shows for the spring and summer to promot

Hoodies are IN!

If you preordered a hoody please contact us as your convenience to arrange pickup/delivery and payment for your order! Huge thanks to everyone that purchased a hoody from us. You guys helped us wrap the editing and mastering of our album and made it possible to move forward with distribution and duplication! Looking forward to seeing you all soon! Stay FUBAR my friends!


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