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Hey everyone! Today is the day of our first ever real pin drop! We teamed up with our friend Grant over at Scooped Doodles to nail down our entrance to the pin game. We decided our first pin should be our newest logo as a good representation of the band so we have our Rasta Splatter design for sale now on our website! There is a super limited quantity of these available and we are looking to move them quickly to help finance the roll out of our upcoming record 'State of Mind' so get them as soon as you can!

Be sure to head over to Grant's Facebook group 'Scooped Doodles' and watch for a post at 5pm about win a free Rasta Splatter pin!

Whether you are an avid pin collector or a FUBAR fan and supporter, you're definitely going to want to scoop this one. Again, there is a limited quantity available and we hope to release a few more pins in the future. Help us sell these out and get the next one going as soon as we can. Could the next one be from our 'Get on the Bus!' EP? Who knows, we shall see!


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